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NYGGS Sales Force Automation
(SFA) Software

2x Your Field Sales Workforce Productivity

Make your field workforce more productive by automating the start-to-finish sales pipeline with NYGGS SFA. Track & monitor live location, client visits, or expenses with fewer clicks on a single dashboard.

  • Schedule Appointments
  • Track Visits
  • Expense Management
  • Centralised Monitoring
Low Productivity
High Productivity

Our Top-Notch Features

Geo-Selfie Attendance

Let your field team sign in or out from anywhere just with a selfie addressing the location.

Expense Management

Permit expense requests and get all expense data in one dashboard to manage cost better.

Client Visit Reports

Get a comprehensive view of geo-fenced client visits and save the follow-up records for future.

Dynamic Form

Let your sales team fill out customised forms that detail communication held with clients.

Mobile App

NYGGS SFA has a mobile app that lets you monitor field sales efforts wherever you are.

Works in Offline Mode

Internet issue? Don't worry- You can still access last-saved data on NYGGS Cloud-based SFA.

Make it Yours

Add your logo on the dashboard and add client pages or party names- completely customisable.

Schedule Appointments

Plan & schedule appointments with clients and feel easy while finding time for them.

Rich Analytic Reports

Measure, monitor, and optimize data to enrich your decision-making.

How It Can Help You?

Get Client-Visit Proof

Get geo-verified proof of client visit

Real-time Tracking

Track real-time location & visits to track work hours & delays

Manage Expenses Easily

Validate conveyance bills and get expense data done by teams at the tour

Schedule Appointments

Plan & schedule appointments with clients for following-up communication

Assign Tasks to Teams

See real-time staffing strength and assign tasks according to conditions

Geo-Based Attendance

Replace biometrics with an automatic geo-based selfie attendance

Dynamic Forms

Decide what information you need from client when your team is meeting them.

Experience Intuitive Dashboards

Get intuitive dashboards where all important reports summary can be seen


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